Sensational Healing Clinic

Our Clinic includes a life skills kitchen, mental health rooms, speech therapy, and sensory gyms

Waiting area

Our waiting area is central to our clinic and offers a place to check in with our admin team and relax while you wait to see your therapist or start your group.

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Life skills kitchen

kitchen 1 

Our kitchen area has been very purposefully designed to not only be a tea room, but also a life skills development area outside of break times. We have a fully functioning kitchen with a full-size oven, stove top, fridge and dishwasher, as well as a European laundry, which will allow clients to work on their domestic activities of daily living skills. Our kitchen is also large enough to run life skills groups, so clients can work on their skills while making friends.


Sensory gyms

Sensational Healing Allied Health has two amazing sensory gyms, with the designs guided by Ayres Sensory Integration theory. These spaces allow for therapists to facilitate development of gross and fine motor skills as well as support the co-regulation of children and coaching of parents, who are involved in all our therapy sessions. Our two sensory gyms have a foldable wall that collapses to allow our two rooms to become one for the running of super fun motor skills groups.Clinic Room Pic

Sensory modulation room

Our third sensory gym has a different focus, and aims to provide an environment where the experience of sensation can be modulated to help improve self-regulation. With the design informed by Sensory Attachment Intervention theory and concepts from Snoezelen, this room can be darkened or lightened, and has swings purposefully included that assist with calming the nervous system. Our sensory modulation room has deliberately been placed furthest away from the waiting area and has noise dampening wall panels to make it as quiet as possible. You may find staff in the room at lunch time having a sneaky siesta!

Mental health rooms

Our mental health rooms are designed to be a welcoming and calming space, where children and their families can work with their therapist about their mental health and relationship challenges. Each room has been thoughtfully decorated with calming colours as well as resourced with sensory based tools to help people regulate based on their individual sensory preferences. Our therapists also have access to resources such as play therapy symbols, art supplies and sand, that allow engagement in different types of therapeutic approaches.

Speech therapy rooms

Our speech therapy rooms are designed to be a smaller more containing space that helps children focus on their therapy, while still providing resources that facilitate regulation. Our bean bags and wobble chairs help children stay in the ‘Just Right State’ and keep focused during therapy. 

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